"Monkey Business & Island of the Gods"

Best of Japan with Bali’s Beaches, Snow Monkeys, Sunsets and Elephants 2018 All New!

Jan 31 - Feb 11, 2018

Memories are made from extraordinary experiences and this dual destination is an epic AFS vacation! In Japan and Bali, enjoy the Yin and Yang of 2 different worlds with a wallop of fun packed along the way. You’ll love our easy non-stops on Singapore Airlines, the world’s best for unmatched service and comfort.

“Elephants & Houseboats in India”

1 Woman needed to balance 770-432-8225

Sept 2-11, 2017

Namaste! India isn't just a journey, it's an experience and I think this may be my best vacation creation ever. Why would we return? Because it’s playfully unpredictable and our past group loved it. India is deeply addictive. There’s food, glorious food, luscious landscapes, soul stirring spirituality and always a place to expect the unexpected. Who wouldn’t love the Taj, tigers, elephants, bazaars, rickshaws, yoga, luxury houseboats, Aurveyda Spas and 5-star hotels? It’s so affordable, so exotic. The fascinating world of Southern India is like discovering another planet. Locals say “Atithi Deva Bhavo,” meaning “our guest is god” and this is truly God’s heaven. Enjoy the silent sleepy pace amid emerald waterways, ancient temples, stunning backwaters, temples, tropical jungles, sun-kissed beaches, wildlife reserves and colorful villages.

"Madagascar Magic - The 8th Continent"

Beaches, Rainforests and Leapin' Lemurs! Sold Out

Sept 13 – 22, 2017

You got to move it, move it! . . .to a place like no other. Isolated 300 miles off Africa in the warm Indian Ocean lies an eco-paradise waiting to be explored. It’s the world's 4th largest island with such bio diversity, it's called the "8th continent." It’s home to 5% of the earth's plant and animal species, 80% of these are unique only to Madagascar! There is no African destination with weirder wildlife. Mada broke off from Africa 160 million years ago allowing a unique ecosystem. 250,000 species of flora and fauna, 220 small islands, 18 different ethnic tribes, 9 types of baobab trees and of course the famous lemurs. It's teeming with 60 different species of lemurs that thrive here but are facing extinction due to deforestation. There's nothing like watching them leap through trees like ballerinas with police siren calls. The adorable bug-eyed primates show little fear of humans. Madagascar is also nature's sanctuary for bazaar hissing insects, absurdly colored chameleons, blue geckos, elephant birds, tomato frogs and other weird native creatures.

“AFS Fly-In Everest Base Camp Challenge”

Sept 18 – Oct 2, 2017

Namaste, welcome to the roof of the world! If there’s one epic adventure on the planet, it has to be this trek to the “Mother Goddess of Snows”. Now’s your chance to check off a true bucket list item for the greatest hike in the world. As the world’s highest mountain, mighty Mt Everest towers at 29,016 feet, always snow-capped, it’s the holy grail of mountaineers. It begins and ends in legendary Kathmandu. Just stepping off the plane here is a sensory overload of intoxicating sights, smells and sounds. Stroll the streets of timeless Buddhist culture and temples of artistic heritage. There will be stunning Himalaya views, flowering forests, ancient monasteries and colorful traditional culture throughout for your best photos ever.

“AFS Safari in Style” - Luxury South Africa

1 woman needed to balance 770-432-8225

Sept 23- Oct 1, 2017

Memories are made of extraordinary experiences. This exclusive once-in-a-lifetime trip for discerning travelers presents spectacular game viewing, stellar accommodations in some of the world’s finest properties - which we had to book a year in advance! SA is “a world in one country” with such diverse scenic beauty. You will not only get a chance to see the Big 5 (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, cape buffalo), but also the Marine Big 5 (shark, whale, seal, dolphin, penguin). We begin in South Africa’s premier private Shamwari Game Reserve teeming with wild animals which ranks as one of the country’s best bush experiences. In private reserves, smaller is better because the animals are more concentrated and guests can enjoy off-road drives for more close-up views. AFSers love tented camps. Shamwari Bayethe tents are a “glamping” experience like no other, so awe-inspiring, you’ll never want to leave. Imagine tents with A/C, indoor/outdoor showers, and more to “rough it” in style. (Mind the animals. They roam free here.) All gourmet meals included, a great spa and you’ll be treated like royalty by the family of staff. Activities include special visits to Born Free Big Cat Sanctuary, Rhino Awareness Center and Wildlife Rehab Center. Enjoy thrilling game drives at dawn with expert trackers. At dusk, there’s spot-lit drives when the predators are on the move, followed by drinks and stargazing under the Southern Cross.

"Forks & Corks in the Belly of Italy" 2017

A Culinary Extravaganza

Oct. 16-24, 2017

Come fill your belly with food, wine and laughter as you graze your way through Perugia, Umbria, Bologna and Tuscany. Yum-yum, this is a gastronomical adventure like no other. Why would we repeat it again? Because it was our best Italy adventure ever! Having visited Italy over 30 years, this is my favorite itinerary! I designed this food-centric vacay because travel and food go together like stinky cheese and juicy red wine. I can't imagine one of life's greatest pleasures without the other. Through local cuisine we discover local culture. When travelers return from Europe, they talk more about the unique dishes in great cafes than the churches and museums. And you'll be talking about this "delicioso" tour forever!

"Wild China in Panda Valley" - China

The Best of China in 4 Dreamy Provinces!

Oct 22 – 30, 2017

Crave adventure? Love pandas? Want unique cultural immersion? Need scenic nature? Seek luxury accommodations? Then this special AFS journey is for you! Come follow the origin of the legendary silk road deep into regions Americans have yet to discover. This is the photographers’ dream with natural wonders and a ton of fun activities along the way. We base ourselves in the Qing Cheng Mountains of Sichuan province, a natural habitat for Pandas. In the bamboo forests of Panda Valley, watch in awe how pandas live and breed freely (as well as cute moon bears, golden monkeys and exquisite birds). Visit the new Giant Panda Research Base which focuses on the rescue, rehab and release of ill or injured pandas. It’s also a breeding center as giant pandas are now endangered species. You’ll love the babies and have the opportunity to hug a panda or even volunteer for a day! In Beijing, ride a rickshaw through the hutongs and spend a day at the exciting part of the Great Wall where we ride cable cars up and toboggan sled down! Fly to Chengdu and Hangzhou, once the playground of Emperors and favorite city of Marco Polo. Hangzhou is all the buzz now as Asia’s most beautiful city! We cruise the Grand Canal, visit UNESCO West Lake, visit tea plantations, stroll through gardens of lotus flowers and see a famous theater performance of music and light under the stars.

"Holy Halong, It's Awesome Angkor!"

Call to book 770.432.8225 (1 man, 1 woman needed)

Nov 9 - 19, 2017

Close your eyes and imagine sailing a “luxury junk” for 3 glorious days through a thousand islands of breathtaking Halong Bay. Then imagine an exclusive AFS “Water Blessing” with lotus petals by monks in a temple with a lesson in meditation. Imagine your “bragging” rights” after exploring the architectural wonder of Angor Wat. This dual destination vacation will leap beyond your imagination. We know because our past groups loved it. Discover the beauty of timeless villages, terraced rice paddys, elaborate temples in two countries that perfectly blend the old with the new. Each offers different splendors of culture, artistic expression and philosophies of living. We begin in Hanoi, so alluring with a bashful charm. Shrouded in mystery after years of isolation, Vietnam makes Americans feel welcome. You’ll see all the famous sites to learn the history but it’s also the place to chew. This new culinary superpower is filled with foodie tours, cooking schools and clean street food markets.

Bora Bora Dreams - Tahiti

Sold Out

Nov 15 – 23, 2017

Come join us to the paradise of French Polynesia for an epic cruise you’ll treasure forever. Let the trade winds gracefully fill our sails as we visit one legendary island after another, staying overnight in most to provide you time to explore. Experience the fascinating Polynesian culture, roam lush rain forests for secluded waterfalls, swim crystal clear lagoons and relax on a pink powder beach lapped by the sapphire seas. Think you’ll be bored? Imagine snorkeling the most intense aqua imaginable over canyons of coral reefs. You can visit pilot dolphins in their natural habitat and swim with gentle stingrays. Maybe you’d prefer paddling a canoe into a lagoon for a picnic, hiking the coconut trail, scuba diving, shopping for local handicrafts or simply a beach massage.

AFS “Gorillas in The Mist" with Chimp Safari!

1 Woman needed to balance 770-432-8225

Dec 1- 11, 2017

“Our gorilla trek with AFS was truly a once in a lifetime experience! Our breath was taken away when we came upon a 17-member gorilla family in the jungle. (The huge silver back “charged” us but we lowered our heads and he was satisfied to leave us observing.) We watched in awe as toddlers swung on branches, youngsters wrestled and mothers nursed newborns. One playful toddler approached and tugged on my pony tail! None of us slept that night recalling such an amazing experience. Uganda was so lush and verdant compared to other African countries I visited. Of the 5 AFS trips, this was my favorite!” Janina D. “Nothing can prepare one for the thrilling impact of encountering a full grown silver-back gorilla, up to three times the size of man, yet remarkably peaceful and tolerant of human visitors.”

“Palm Trees & Christmas Trees, huh?” - Germany

A Tropical Christmas in Germany?

Dec 6-13, 2017

This is one of the coolest and craziest trips we ever designed! If this enchanting adventure doesn’t envelope you with the Christmas Spirit, nothing will Mr. Grinch. Germany’s Christmas Markets are a delight for everyone’s senses; the festive glow, tempting aromas, amazing handicrafts, yuletide music and treats. No country does it with more passion then Germany. Every year, since the 14th century, elaborate open-air markets come to life with unforgettable festivities. Now - Imagine laying beachside getting a tan as you sip a Mai-Tai and photograph flamingos stroll through a rainforest in December! Seriously. We’ll stay in the world’s largest indoor tropical resort for a total one-of-a-kind experience. Inside the gigantic 6 sq. km glass dome is Europe’s largest Spa complex, an enchanting village, sandy beach, Amazon waterpark, sports venues, restaurants, bars, lagoons and more. (You’ll love your Balinese villa in this resort for all seasons).


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“Mud Men in Papua New Guinea” with Australia

1 spot available for woman

July 7 – 16, 2017

Join us on an incredible adventure a world away to the “Islands in the Clouds”. We’ll journey to the most remote, wild and fascinating place on earth, home to 1000 different tribes. In the truest sense, Papau New Guinea (PNG) is the Last Frontier where many areas remain untouched by Western influence. This huge equatorial island will thrill nature lovers with a dramatic coastline, virgin rainforests, smoldering volcanos, razor sharp mountains and exotic birdlife. But the draw is the people who take self-expression to extremes. Imagine dancing with a yellow faced Wigman wearing a human hair wig laced with feathers and shells. Locals love to perform and passionately teach visitors their way of life. The highlight is the hugely popular National Mask Festival, an “ancient theatre” that draws tourists from around the world because it dramatically showcases ALL the cultures in one place, where you’d normally have to fly around the country to see them!

An Irish Castle Stay & Scottish Pomp, that’s no Blarney!

Scotland & Ireland Sold Out

Aug 5-13, 2017

What a perfect dual destination vacation this is, 2 countries rooted in history a thousand years old yet perfectly blended with new modern enticements. Our past groups loved royal Scotland, land of heather, whiskey, kilts and bagpipes and equally loved Ireland, the Emerald Isle of dramatic scenery in a thousand shades of green. This year we made it exceptionally exciting! Imagine attending the Greatest Show on Earth of massed pipes and drums at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It’s a global gathering of 48 countries showcasing theater, ceremony and more pomp then you can dream of: drill teams, camels, steel drums, cavalry, fireworks, marching marines, flag wavers, motorcycles to police dogs and more. The annual extravaganza sells out a year ahead but we already reserved your seats. The Tunes of Glory spectacle will linger forever in your travel memories.

“Rocky Mountain High” - Canada

May 18-25, 2017

“No scene on earth can give you an equal impression of inspiring solitude, untamed nature and rugged grandeur of the Ten Peaks at Lake Louise” Explorer, Walter Cox Ever been somewhere you wish you could stay forever? The national parks of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia is the place and I can’t wait to lead this one, particularly since the iconic Fairmont Resort has been on my bucket list for decades! You’ll feel at one with nature in one of the world’s most scenic destinations with endless snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes and crystal glaciers. The famed vistas between Jasper and Banff glacier trails are simply breathtaking with living technicolor for your best postcard-like photos ever. You’ll be blown away by the vast open landscapes dotted with elk, wolves, coyote, eagles, grizzlies and more. Always keep your camera ready for moose spotting and the carpets of wildflowers in May.

“Bike & Barge through the Tulips - I”

AFS First Cycle & Barge Cruise, Holland

March 31-April 8, 2017

Immerse yourself in the land of windmills and tulips in the Netherlands where everyone pedals. Imagine meandering scenic country roads with 22 AFSers into medieval village squares. We fill our water bottles from a fountain, graze on Dutch delicacies and explore the local scene. Back to our boat each night, we only unpack once. Traveling by bus is just watching a beautiful movie pass by but by bicycle, you are in the movie. The new craze is called “Slow Travel” to really experience the culture, landscapes and people. It’s so easy on marked paths flat as pancakes and peak season of April is the best time to go with fields of flowers bursting in rainbow colors.

“Camels, Elephants, Monks & Markets” - Sri Lanka

SMALL GROUP Ancient Sri Lanka and Sparkling Dubai

March 5 – 15, 2017

What a thrilling dual-destination vacation this is at a price that can’t be beat. We combined 2 unique places that should be on everyone’s bucket lists. What a contrast, with special activities and deluxe hotels throughout! Sri Lanka, a Buddhist Kingdom is synonymous with tranquility, was described by Marco Polo as “the finest island country in the world”. Set in the Indian Ocean with 1000 miles of coastline, it’s dotted with fishing villages and world class beaches.

“Chocolate Hills & Sun Kissed Beaches II” - Philippines

Philippines with Hong Kong! Call 770.432.8225

Feb 16 - 28, 2017

Join us on a travelers dream tropical vacation like no other. Why would we repeat this? Because our past group loved it with non-stop fun – even rates in my top 10 favorites. This slice of heaven oozes culture, history and stunning landscapes. The Philippines has 7,101 emerald islands. It’s a beach bum’s delight but our AFS trip is all about adventure.

“AFS Rock & Reef Discovery" - Australia

April 16-26, 2017

G’Day Mates and Sheilas. Join us to the land of Oz as we explore 3 thrilling regions. This vacay has it all with aquatic adventures, natural wonders, unique wildlife and meeting some of the friendliest people on earth. “No Worries” here as Aussies speak our language, (well, sort of). It’s laid back. It’s wild fun. It’s our 10th trip to Australia and all our past groups loved it. Each time we mix it up with new sites. Been there? Maybe not where we’re going. This country’s as big as America. With seasons reversed, April is the perfect time to visit with tropical sunshine in the north to temperate weather in the south.

“Into the Wild Blue” - Portugal & Azores

Portugal and the Untamed Azores Islands SOLD OUT

May 31 - June 8, 2017

Imagine gazing out your airplane window at the exposed tips of volcanic underwater mountains piercing the clouds. Descending closer reveals towering rose cliffs that drop to a virgin rocky coast with black sand shores lapped by a deep blue surf. Welcome to the paradise of the Azores, a photographers’ dream! Tell your friends you are vacationing here and they’ll say “Azores, awesome…where is it? This far flung archipelago in the mid-Atlantic has many names like ‘Hawaii of Europe’ or ‘The Other Eden’. It’s also called ‘Europe’s Galapagos’. The genesis of the 9 islands had a turbulent birth from the earth’s fiery core with 1766 volcanoes, 9 still active. A thousand miles away from any shore, the Azores has a lost-in-time quality with unspoiled beauty of dramatic volcanic landscapes, aquamarine lakes, gushing waterfalls, geysers, scalding springs, mud pots and grottoes. It’s also a nature lovers’ paradise with verdant valleys of blooming flowers, vineyards and picturesque towns.

“Colombia! Coffee, Culture, Caribbean”

The Tropical Awesome-Sauce of South America

June 15-22, 2017

According to TripAdvisor, magical Colombia is now a major tourist hotspot where the dollar is so strong and the locals so friendly. The stellar hospitality of Colombians will have you at “hello”. Sandwiched between the Pacific and Caribbean, there’s incredible diversity of 300 beaches, dry deserts, snow-capped Andes to rainforests of the Amazon. Add in Spanish history with stunning colonial architecture and a spicy hot nightlife, you have a perfect vacation! Here is the land of jungles, gold and emeralds. Also coffee. Starbucks has nothing on Columbia’s Coffee Triangle! You’ll taste some of the world’s best brews and get educated at ‘coffee college’. In the Cocora Valley, we’ll ride Jeeps through coffee plantations and hike among the world’s tallest palms. Then we step back in time exploring the cobbled streets of charming Salento.

“AFS Tall Ship Voyage of Discovery” - Greece & Turkey

The Greek Islands & Turkey SOLD OUT

Jul 28 – Aug 5, 2017

Greece is a land of mythical dimensions that should be checked off everyone’s Bucket List. Here is the cradle of western civilization with ancient wonders, lively tavernas, sun-kissed beaches and a true spirit of Greek hospitality. Oh but it’s the beauty of her islands that beckons. If you’ve longed to visit them, do it right, on an authentic Tall Ship. Nothing’s more exhilarating then zipping from one exotic port to another beneath the billowing white sails with the heritage of sailing in the golden age, or like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but with all the modern luxuries you could dream of.

“Bike & Barge through the Tulips - II”

AFS Cycle & Barge Cruise, Holland

April 21 – 29, 2017

Immerse yourself in the land of windmills and tulips in the Netherlands where everyone pedals. Imagine meandering scenic country roads with 20 AFSers into medieval village squares. We fill our water bottles from a fountain, graze on Dutch delicacies and explore the local scene. Back to our boat each night, we only unpack once. Traveling by bus is just watching a beautiful movie pass by but by bicycle, you are in the movie. The new craze is called “Slow Travel” to really experience the culture, landscapes and people. It’s so easy on marked paths flat as pancakes and peak season of April is the best time to go with fields of flowers bursting in rainbow colors.

“The Orphaned & the Wild” - Namibia & So. Africa

Animal Immersion

May 10 – 20, 2017

Our ‘AFS Africoholics’ love wild life and that’s why our safaris over 30 years are always a sell-out. This unique adventure combines two countries in one vacation with expert planning and no prep on your part. You’ll get so up close & personal with animals, this adventure is a photographers dream! We begin in amazing Namibia, famous for its stunning landscapes where sand dunes meet the sea. With more wildlife than people, it harbors a wealth of extraordinary animals and boasts the highest concentration of cheetahs in the world. With no light pollution, at night the dazzling star filled skies will have you awestruck.

“Wild Wonderland of Western Australia”

Special small group

April 24-May 3, 2017

Join us “miles from nowhere” to the largest state on earth, about the size of Europe. The playground of Western Australia is projected to be the hottest and safest destination for 2017. Flanked by crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, it is filled with diverse wonders few Americans have yet to discover. WA boasts the whitest sand beaches, sunniest capital cities, friendliest locals and craziest animals.

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