What is a journey?

It is a process of self-discovery. In seeing other parts of our planet, we understand better where we fit in it. The world is our ultimate jigsaw puzzle. Every new encounter is a tiny piece joined together, to give us a better glimpse of the common face of humanity.

A journey is recreation. It takes us out of our daily routines with its constant demands to open our hearts for renewal. A journey is education in it’s highest form. Cross cultural awareness always informs us. It generates our mind by nourishing our curiosity.

Each and every culture, no matter how remote, represents a vast body of experience: of art, language, music, religion, dress, medicine and customs. Together these cultures are the culmination of millions of years in the practice of living on this planet. Only with travel can our understanding of people worldwide grow.

At AFS, I don’t design journeys for those who only desire a poolside umbrella drink. I want to wake up your sleepy senses and sharpen your global perspective with first hand experiences. I want you to go for the people, not the weather. Go to learn. Pass along to your friends and perhaps later to your children the knowledge you have gained from exposure of wherever you’ve been. Take photos, videos and journal. Leave nothing behind except your friendship. Bring home things in your head, not your suitcase. Take away memories worthy of keeping forever.

Go while you’re able. Transcend your daily life by going to places that stretch your imagination. Embrace the detours as you broaden your horizons. Prioritize. Are you are living to work or working to live? Endeavor now to fulfill your dreams. That is a journey!

- Suzy