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Welcome to our AFS Tribe, now over 11,300 strong and growing, exploring the world together one country at a time! Since 1989, we are the leader in quality travel for singles - often imitated, but never duplicated.

We like to lure you farther on extraordinary journeys you’ve only dreamed about, places that provide the best bragging rights and most profound memories. Let us transport you effortlessly and hassle free. You just show up and follow our expert guides.

Not only can you see the world, but you’ll make forever friends along the way! We have a club membership because we want you to be in good company abroad. Our exotic escapes can’t help but inspire deep connections. It is our precisely our awesome and passionate AFS travelers who make each vacation extraordinary.

You’ll always have beautiful accommodations, fun activities and unsurpassed value. Please read the President’s Letter, Testimonials and Why We’re Different to discover more.

2016 Aha-Moments!

Craving wonder? Come dream, escape, explore and discover AFS journey’s that leap beyond imagination.

Prepare to be dazzled by new escapes to get your adventure on! We present emerging hot spots worthy of any traveler’s bucket list. All provide stimulation of imagination to lift your spirit. All are places you can’t help but fall in love with at first sight. All are memorable and the adrenaline is free.

This year we chose places closer to home for your comfort and security. There’s a variety for all tastes and comfort levels. Seasoned travelers can visit places out of the ordinary, others can play hide and seek with history. Active people can embrace challenges while the serenity seekers can opt for relaxation in the lap of luxury.

There’s 22 countries included in 16 glorious journeys. Some we had to repeat because AFSers said they were thrilling. Please read my trip intros to get inspired and find your best match. Most won’t be presented again.

Dare to dream in 2016 and spoil your inner child. Carpe Vacay! Let the memories begin...click here to see our trips!

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A Letter from Suzy

President Suzy

From humble beginnings with big dreams, AFS now enters its 30th year in leading groups of singles around the world with 5 star journeys at 3 star prices.

As a little girl, I collected globes to spin and dream. Later, as a flight attendant 14 years, those dreams became reality. Now, in travel management for decades, I've accumulated well over a hundred different countries stamped in my 6 passports. You too can discover the world one county at a time with us!